Pet Portraits

The bond we have with our pets is one that is not often understood by those looking in. We spend nearly every day with them and they rely on us for all of their needs. In return they provide unconditional love throughout their entire lives. From the first night with a tiny, new kitten, to the day you have to say good bye to a beloved, gray muzzled dog. It's a bond I believe is worth celebrating every single day. I offer two styles of pet portraits, colored pencil, and pen. Both are wonderful ways to capture the unique nature of your furry, finned, or feathered friends.

Read on below to see which is right for you.

Colored Pencil Portraits

Available in standard frame sizes from 5x7" to 11x14", these illustrations are completed in full color. Choose between a head and shoulders portrait, or a full body image. The background is left blank to allow your pet to take center stage. Click here for colored pencil portrait pricing.

Pen Portraits 

This style has a more whimsical feel and allows for the inclusion of a simple background. Pen portraits are created in black India ink art pen with two different paper dimension options. Perfect for the internet savvy Instagram star, there are square portraits available in 5x5", 8x8", and 10x10". I also offer standard frame sizes from 5x7" to 9x12". Click here for pen portrait pricing.

For All Portraits

All portraits are hand draw on white, 100 lb, Bristol paper. Unless otherwise specified, a margin will be left around the drawing to allow for matting and framing. Pieces are shipped unframed without matting.

High quality, well lit reference photos of your pet are required. Professional images are not necessary; most newer smart phones take great photos in good light. Provide digital images of your pet, head on or in profile, which ever you prefer. Feel free to send multiple images and I can help choose which will work best.

Don't see exactly what you're looking for? Please contact me about other options as well as custom sizing.