My "Staff"

It wouldn't be Cat Chase Dog Studio without them! These three are my four-legged family, my co-workers, and on some days my furry support system.

Callie Grace - Dilute Calico, CoS (Chief of Sass): She is our senior staff member and spends most of the work day napping in the sun on her cat tree. When she's not sleeping, she is knocking supplies on the floor to keep my desk space tidy.

Rocky - Tabby, CPO (Chief Productivity Officer): Though he doesn't always arrive on time, he never misses a day in the studio. He can be found gauging my progress from my lap or his perch above my desk.

Jack - Mutt, CCO (Chief Canine Office): Someone has to be sure there are plenty of stretch breaks and fresh air. He also serves as resident dog body model. And he never fusses when I need to study his nose *again*. The treats don't hurt either.


Now that you've met my fur-kids, I'd love to meet yours. Head on over to my portraits page to see how you can get custom art illustrations of your own pets. If you're in Northeast Ohio, check out where you can find me in person!